March 31st, 2008

Very close talking

Some fic and vid recs!

For fics, we have Supernatural and Star Wars and Psych (AU). What a group, especially considering that I almost never read fic in the latter two fandoms.

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I know, I know, I never rec vids. That's usually because I can't watch them, having a laptop which refuses to play sound. But I borrowed my roommate's laptop to watch the nominated vids for the Numb3rs Awards, and ran into another one on the way there. So:


Quiet (a tribute to John Winchester), by elliepdowd


Boy Lollipop by nicelyobsessed
Charlie-centric vid--all of his adorkable hotness in one amusing package. *g*

Flawed Design by strausserwyle
Don-centric, and if I were reccing a fic that portrayed Don like this, I'd call it a slightly AU version of the character. Slick and intense vidwork, though; watch it and let me know what you think.

2 Steps Behind by gorenhouseygirl
Brilliant song choice for a vid about Don and Charlie's relationship, as brothers and friends.

Brothers Under the Sun by pavlowsdog
This vidder is awesome. It's not only what you use but how you use it. Gen, Don & Charlie.

Pinky and the Brain . . . And Larry! by pavlowsdog
*dies* Short, quick-paced, HYSTERICALLY funny! All Larry fans, this way, please!
Megan and Colby JL

Numb3rs fic: Breathe For Me

Title: Breathe For Me
Rating: PG-13 (for images and language)
Setting: just after "Trust Metric"
Summary: Things tickle at the back of his mind: the snap of latex gloves, a gunshot, the flash of light off a pair of glasses. He’s not sure they’re all real.
Notes: This fic is dedicated to my lovely betas, feliciakw and mistraltoes; and to all the readers who enjoyed my previous stories with Colby and with Megan, especially lyraskye14.

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All comments and criticism more than welcome!