April 23rd, 2008


Aw, I feel so loved!

I had a tough day at work, as usual, but in the cracks around that my birthday was really quite a fine one.

My roomie Amanda surprised me with series 3 of New Who last night (as we were still both up and around at 1:30am); we buy these together so as to afford the boxed sets, and my present is that she bought the whole thing but it's half mine. *g*

Then my other roomie Jenny left a present on my bed this morning, a book of stories that may have influenced Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia.

There were gifts to open from my parents, of course; and I spent a good 2 hours on the phone with my parents and siblings tonight.

And when I got online? Several messages on Facebook from friends and old friends wishing me a happy birthday; a bunch of LJ friends wishing me well; a couple of pretty ecards; and SG-1 and SPN fic from kalquessa!

You know? With friends and family like this, I have a pretty great life. I thank God for all of you, and that I was born at the right time and in the right place to (eventually) meet you all. *blows kisses*

(uh, I may edit this post tomorrow with more details. i'm very tired, but still want to watch some Blake's 7 before I go to sleep.)