April 26th, 2008

Colby thinking

The bad thing about having so little online time....

...is that I really can't even justify the amount needed to blog about new eps of my shows!

The short, spoiler-free versions:

Supernatural: very amusing! Having seen Ghost Hunters made it exponentially more cracky and awesome, but as dotfic said, "Outsider pov! CANONICAL outsider pov!" Yeah. <3

(Also, regarding next week: FLAAAAIIIL. *clutches heart*)

Doctor Who: awesome in many ways, not least of which was the misunderstanding of "mate." *snicker* Of course I love Donna. This ep also really reminded me (thematically) of "Runaway Bride." If with a somewhat happier ending. Interesting. Also, what is up with that ghostly figure?! *runs away to read other reviews of ep*

Numb3rs: I have more thoughts (or will) over at real_numb3rs, but a solid ep in terms of plot; a character from an earlier episode returns in an excellent way; interesting Larry subplot; realistic and awesome character notes regarding Don and his love life (the clean shirt vs. the shirt Robin's wearing at the end = one adorable metaphor for commitment); and the very, very end, marking a painful moment of healing in Colby's arc. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO SO SO MUCH.

(Still have CSI to watch.)

(Also, have seen 3 more eps of Blake's 7, and must find time to blog about those!)