May 15th, 2008

SG-1 in shades

Multi-fandom ficlet series: In Fire, Some Say In Ice

All right, you guys, now for something a little bit...different. Back in January, when I was trying to break myself of the habit of sneaking fic at work, I started writing a random series of ficlets with a single common theme.

Lo, they are finished. And beta'd, and tweaked, and everything. :-) Call it a little present to you all before I head off to Scotland for a week.

A couple of quick notes: this series covers five different fandoms. Not many actual spoilers, and most of them qualify as AU or possibly-AU in some way, because of that unifying theme. The only exception is the Supernatural fic, which is one of the reasons I'm posting it NOW instead of later: it's also serving as my theory for the 3rd season finale. (Although if you've seen up through the 3rd season ep "The Kids Are Alright," I'd deem it technically spoiler-safe.)

Author's Notes may follow.

Mild warnings for language and, uh, kinda intense angst.

In Fire, Some Say In Ice

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Comments and critique welcome, as usual! I hope you all enjoy.

CSI finale...

Not quite sure what I think of this ep. As a procedural it lacked a little, but as the last episode for someone, it packed a decent emotional whallop. Not as great as Sara's last, but...Collapse )

Off to watch Supernatural now.