May 26th, 2008


Request for a specific type of fic

Heh. I know I owe y'all a post about my Scotland trip, and I'm all caught up on my TV watching so I need to post reactions to those (in general: OMG SHOWS ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME WITH ANGST?! *dies and is ded*).

So instead, I'm posting a request for specific fic recs.

I don't have many "kinks," in terms of specific things I always love to see in fic. But there's one that's pretty well bullet-proof for me, and that is the inclusion or use of American Sign Language (or any other standardized system of sign).

Some examples which I have really enjoyed:

Without Words (The Sentinel), by Nancy Taylor
In which Blair loses his voice to cancer and has to learn other ways to communicate.

Relative Motion (Numb3rs), by sammac
A sequel to her AU Charlie-is-blind fic Skewed. Both are good case stories; Skewed is finished, Relative Motion is the one that involves ASL, and it's a nearly-completed WIP.

Have you guys run across this particular sub-species of the disability genre in your travels through fandom? I'd be interested in any of them, from any fandom you know I follow or have followed in the past--although please, don't rec me anything that's slash, incest, or non-con. (You can tell me about them, if you want, but I shan't be reading them.)