May 27th, 2008

mini-jack kid

Have I grown up a bit too much?

I've been having a lot of thinky thoughts about where I am in my life, lately. Part of that is due to my Scotland trip; part of it, to the change I'm contemplating in my work situation; part of it, because my writing has slowed dramatically and I find I'm having to set more rigid priorities, choose what's really important to me.

Then I went to see Prince Caspian Sunday night, and found myself aching for the person I used to be, and long to be--the faithful young adventurer, who like Lucy can at least contemplate following Aslan no matter what anyone else says.

Lewis wrote once that "it is the stupidest children who are the most childish, and the stupidest grownups who are the most grown-up."

I think, maybe, I've become a little too grown-up lately.

And maybe God and I need to do something about that.