June 4th, 2008

with book as with child

Writing update post--willing things to change

This not-having-Internet-at-work thing is really limiting my time on LJ. Hmph. I do not enjoy this state of things. Also, it makes me want to get on LJ and my email the moment I get home in the evenings, and so instead of, say, writing, I spend all evening commenting on posts and reading fic.

This is Not Good.

In fact, this Needs To Change.

(Now, if I got a different job with less stress--where I didn't spend the day being paranoid about what my bosses think of my performance and whether I'm going to end up being let go before I get the chance to quit--things might shift anyway. But God and I are working on that, so....)

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That said, I have no time to write Larry/Megan fic, but I really, really want to. If anyone out there write some so that I can read it, I shall be deeply pleased. (*stares pointedly at feliciakw, mistraltoes, and possibly kalquessa*)