July 15th, 2008

Larry Fleinhardt--comtemplation

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I have a lot of admiration for scionofgrace. She has a knack for looking at life in disconcertingly perceptive ways, and putting those perceptions into accurate, incisive words.

This post, which is about "being and meaning and will and giving it up" (according to the cut tag), is no exception.

"Under the influence" can open a window through to a side of a person we could laugh at, or wish we'd never seen.

They had to surrender their will to do it.

We tell ourselves that we won't be taken in like that. That we could never surrender our will like that. We write stories against the idea of bowing to an outside force, willful or not, good or evil, and abhor the suggestion that such a thing could ever be right. Our minds are our own, and our wills, and our hopes, and our dreams, and no one should ever take them away from us, or change them. We may talk of those who pledge their loyalty to another, who place themselves under another's authority, but we always assume that their will is still their own, tucked away safe, to be brought out and flexed when the situation calls. For we are our own, we say, we belong to ourselves, and it is only the weak and deluded who surrender their will completely, and they are to be pitied.

But the truth of it is, we look for ways to surrender.

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