July 16th, 2008

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Looking for mystery movie recs

Okay. This has nothing to do with my current project (I know CSI's structure, and I'm using it), but after my spec is done, the next project is that fandom-based murder mystery I keep talking about. (It's going to have one of those pretty legal disclaimers, you know: "any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental." *g*)

And while I have read many mystery novels and watched many a crime-solving TV show, I have not seen many actual mystery films.

Would anyone like to recommend some that I could watch to help me learn that particular type of structure? I'd prefer drama to parody, although I'll take comedy or dramedy if the mystery is an actual mystery and the structure isn't all wibbly-wobbley for the sake of the humor. Good old English country house mysteries are welcome, as are more modern ones. Thrillers are okay, and some action is okay, again as long as the mystery is the center. My story involves a smallish group of people in one location, so wilder stuff may not be a ton of help.

I may not watch them all, but I shall be trying to immerse myself. :-)

Thank you!