August 26th, 2008

Ninth Doctor, come with me!

The nature of who I am

Honestly? I wish this was a really cool post on, say, the nature of identity or something. Because that's a topic that religion and philosophy and psychology are never going to really agree on, and yet it's intrinsic to each of us. We must have a sense of ourselves if we are to act in this world in any way that isn't just reactive.

Which makes the sense of imminent changes a disturbing one.

I've changed before. And I know that regardless of what fears I am able to let go of, what new ways of creating and being I will be able to move in, what new realizations about God and others I find, I will still be me.

It's a mystery, but true.

So I don't need to be afraid of change. Just hold to the essentials and enjoy the ride. Right?