October 27th, 2008

don with coffee

Numb3rs fic: The Wavelength of Ruby

Title: The Wavelength of Ruby
Author: izhilzha
Pairing/Characters: Don Eppes, Charlie Eppes, season 5 team
Rating/Category: PG-13, gen
Spoilers: Nothing specific, except inclusion of new season 5 character
Summary: He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath. He has work to do, a goal to accomplish, he can’t let this get to him. Can’t let her get to him. (Prompt: ruby.)
Notes/Warnings: Implied death of a major character. Dark, considering what I usually write.
ETA: This was beta'd excellently and quickly by thewhiteowl.

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This fic was written for the Angst vs Schmoop Challenge at numb3rswriteoff. After you’ve read the fic, please rate it by voting in the poll located here. (Your vote will be anonymous.) Rate the fic on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best) using the following criteria: how well the fic fit the prompt, how angsty the fic was, and how well you enjoyed the fic. When you’re done, please check out the other challenge fic at numb3rswriteoff. Thank you!
what does Jim see?



when you're waiting,
waiting for something, anything, to occur,

the struggle seems (merely) to strive to accomplish



But in reality, everything you do
is nothing but whistling in the dark,

in case nothing ever changes;

to keep you from giving in before it does.