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My very brief response to the LJ vs. fandom craziness

Dear LJ,

Some of your so-called PR reps are making you look very bad. You might want to look into that. But I understand why you've been making a stink about the types of fandom activities you have.

I don't plan to leave anytime soon. And while I think that some people are demonstrating mature concern in, for instance, ditching their paid accounts for unpaid (as ladybrick says she may do), I don't necessarily think I need to do that, either.

The line between censorship and responsibility is a fine one, and I'm more than willing to cut you some slack, LJ.

(Not so much you, 6-Apart.)

Tolerance, if not love,


Dear Fandom-in-general,

Let me get this straight. Some people posted sexually explicit (possibly pornographic) art and manips featuring underage fictional characters and got kicked off LJ for it. Also, LJ can't read its own TOS.

Does any of this actually surprise you?

I thought y'all took pride in being subversive elements, anyway. You don't want the controversy that goes along with that? Fine, leave LJ.

I'm staying right here, where I've established myself and made friends. If you all leave, I'm not chasing after you. I love fandom, but that exists wherever two or three fen gather, so I've got that if I can make it to the local Browncoats meeting.

Just--please. Don't blow this so far out of proportion that you kill the fun we're supposed to be having.

Wearily yours, as ever,

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