February 19th, 2009


Self-description meme

Okay, this is kind of selfish, really.

* Describe me in one word - just one single word. Positive or negative.
* Leave your word in a comment, before looking at what words others have used.
* [If you wish,] copy and paste the meme to your journal to find out how people describe you when limited to one word.

Have at, you all.
B5 Ranger oath

Random update post

So, for some reason I really feel like posting, but I don't have an essay or anything to share with you all, so this will be kind of a random collection of things. :)

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For my fellow NCIS fans: 'NCIS' actor's portrayal is dead on. David McCallum, how are you so completely awesome?

And because I utterly failed to rec it when she posted *facepalm*: If you haven't read kalquessa's latest fic, you're missing out.

Barefoot Girl (Supernatural/Time Traveler's Wife)
The first time Dean meets Alba, she sees him first.
A wonderful crossover, fluffy and angsty and perfectly fitted together. Warning: contains references to time travel. *g*