April 20th, 2009

don with coffee

Numb3rs wittering

Okay, y'all, I cannot keep my mouth shut. I haven't been this excited for a new episode of one of my shows since...oh... since the weeks leading up to CSI's "Grave Danger," which (among other things), induced me to write Grissom-is-a-psychic crack fic. *g*

This Friday's ep of Numbers is going to be AWESOME. I was keeping my excitement in check until I saw a couple of spoilery pictures and realized that, yes, it really is going to be LIKE THAT. *flails*

(I have, in fact, started a post-episode fic already. It can't go much of anywhere till I've seen the ep, but it's going to get written, oh yes.)

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It's going to be tough to wait! Good thing there's new Chuck and Bones and Supernatural this week to distract me....