April 22nd, 2009

father Alan Eppes

Seeking eps to rewatch

So, as you know, my Finish-a-thon story is a Numb3rs/The Sentinel crossover, set quite a long time preseries for both shows. I'm looking for reminders of episodes I could rewatch, from both shows, to help me get a better grasp on what Alan and Margaret Eppes and Naomi Sandburg might have been like when Blair was about 5 and Don not quite 4. *g*

Sentinel fans, are we given insight into Naomi's relationship with child-Blair in any episode not directly including her ("Spare Parts," that psychic one, and "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg")?

Numb3rs fans, I'm not looking for anything about Don and Charlie, since this story takes place before Charlie is born (I haven't figured out whether Margaret is pregnant with him or not, but anyway he's not around). Mostly, anything about Margaret or about the Eppes' marriage, political views, etc. ("Protest," "Running Man," "Hot Shots"--like that.)

All suggestions gratefully welcomed. :)