May 17th, 2009

Eppes brothers!

Quick finale notes

Most of my shows have wrapped up their current season (I think NCIS is the only one I'm still waiting on), so here are quick notes on either the finale itself or on the season as a whole. Major spoilers will be cut, and all spoilers/discussion is welcomed in the comments.

House--Huh. Interesting way to end the season. I do love where they're going with the rationality storyline; what a terrifying thing to happen to someone like House, really. Also? I still adore Wilson. *smishes him* Collapse )

LOST--Um, wow. Not at all sure where this is going. Also, who knew Sawyer would turn into my favorite character? Not me. Wow, dude, I totally love you. And Locke? I really hope that's still you in some way. :(

Chuck--I'm going to be furious if this show isn't renewed. It's just flat out amazing. *hugs Chuck*

Dollhouse--I thought "Briar Rose" was the best episode to date. The finale itself fell a bit flat for me, Collapse )

CSI--had a few really solid episodes even after Grissom left. Not sure I'll be watching it again next year, because I do miss him, but...we'll see.

Southland--If you like cop shows, why are you not watching this one? It's wonderful. It did get picked up, by the way.

Bones--The finale caught me completely flat-footed, partly because I tend to forget that Brennan's side job is as a crime novelist. I honestly just don't know what to think of it, but I'm sure I'll be watching again next season, just to see where the ending goes.

Numb3rs--I love this show beyond all reason. They knocked it out of the park with the finale. Seriously. Amazing. Wonderful. *hugs everyone on this show* I can't wait for next season. I don't care that my OTP split up in canon, even, this show is still amazing.

Supernatural--will require a season-evaluating post all its own.