June 12th, 2009

Eppes brothers!


After I posted the little Numb3rs ficlet Uneven, my brain took a left turn and decided that it was just the beginning of a longer fic. (I think the role reversal h/c kind of grabbed me harder than I had expected it to.)

So I started writing. And made notes in which I asked myself whether I was writing "Numb3rs apocafic, God help me." And decided that no, of course not, there's no way to write that without going down a really dark path.

Then I discussed said story with kalquessa, and through no fault of her own something she said made me think of something specific, something Charlie would totally do that would explain the entire actual setting of the fic so far, but it would mean...it would mean that.... Crap.

I think I might be sort of writing Numb3rs apocafic after all. WTF, brain?