June 19th, 2009

lost in thought

Friendslist update

Okay, I just did a trim of my friendslist for the first time in a while. If you regularly read this LJ and comment, you're probably still on it--I mostly just cut out communities I no longer participate in, a few people whom I know have stopped using their LJs, and a few whom I simply haven't heard from in forever (i.e. they don't post, they don't comment...).

If any of the above people are reading this, I don't mind if you keep me friended; it's very flattering. And if you believe I deleted you by mistake, please comment and let me know. :)
live to fight another day

SPN RPG Book Released (finally)

Okay. I don't table-top RPG much anymore (did some Rebellion-era Star Wars with my brothers and first sister-in-law a few years back), but I've been keeping tabs on the Supernatural RPG book that was supposed to be released a long time ago.

It's finally out--not in paper form, though, but as a .pdf file available for download.

I'm very tempted to buy it, even though I doubt I'll be doing or joining such an RPG at any point in the near future. Just because it would be awesome to have. *fights impulse to purchase*