July 10th, 2009

Vila Restal


I just got 8 more episodes of Blakes 7 in the mail! \o/ mistraltoes, you rock my fannish world. :)

Now I am torn between watching the eps and making myself wait until I have posted some (brief, at this point) thoughts on the previous 4 or 5 eps, which I never did. Hmmm. I want to share my discovery of the show with you all, for sure.

Well, I am very busy today and this weekend, anyway. Maybe it can wait until I have successfully beaten all that. A good reward.

Thank you, thank you!
words are sexy

Seeking information on sci-fi (web) publications

This is for anyone who reads or publishes in paper (or, more particularly, web-based) sci-fi publications.

I have a friend in RL, a writer, who is looking for places to submit his clever and often hilarious science-fiction poetry. (Yes, you read that right.) I'll take any suggestions you may have to pass along to him. He's particularly interested in submitting to Internet publications, but I'm sure he'd go old-school if said publications would be interested in what he writes.

Thank you so much! :)
Vila Restal

Blakes 7 catchup post #1

I have 8 more episodes to watch, and I realized that I haven't posted reactions of any kind to the past 5. *facepalm* Sorry, guys! I'm going to try and catch up, here, though I haven't time to rewatch them all, so there will be only what I remember.

(If I forget to mention anything truly awesome, remind me and we will squee. *g*)

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Next two tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how busy the weekend gets.