August 3rd, 2009

don with coffee

Oh dear (an amusing tale of writing stupidity)

Well, it's amusing to me, anyway.

Remember my little Numb3rs short fic, Uneven? And how my brain decided it should be expanded into a longer apocafic? I've been working on this project off and on since early May, and the first draft is done, and so is the first round of major revisions.

Or so I thought.

Basically, the original ficlet works as a prologue to the longer piece. And when I went back to do my fine-tooth combing of the story for word use, typos, etc--I plan to release this to my betas at the end of the week--I discovered something absolutely egregious, something that I had not spotted once during the past 3 months of work.

The original ficlet is in the first person, Don's pov.

The rest of the extended fic? Is in Don's pov, but tight third person.

And my brain never once noticed the difference. Despite the fact that I did a lot of playing with pronouns to tighten the pov in the extended portion.