September 30th, 2009

jack problem


No, I'm not translating that. :P

I very, very rarely bother to post anything like this, because it's only upsetting and I'm here for the lolz and the fandom. But as someone who lives and works in Hollywood, I'd just like to set the record straight:

I have no problem believing that great artistry and great immorality or evil can coexist within the same person. I judge art on its own merits--if a writer is, in RL, a blatant racist or anti-Christian or whatever but it doesn't show in their work, I have no problem lauding said work while deploring the attitudes or behavior of the artist. ("Trust the tale, not the teller.")

What art NEVER is, is an excuse to get away with immoral, unethical, or shameful behavior.

A gigantic SHAME ON YOU to all the celebrities who signed the petition calling for director and 3-decades fugitive Roman Polanski to be freed. (warning: link goes to L.A. Times editorial with potentially triggery content)