February 12th, 2010

it's a team effort

Numb3rs Awards nominations open!

Sheesh, sorry, I completely forgot to pass this along when they opened 3 weeks ago. Ahem.

The current round of the numb3rs_awards are open for nomination until March 5! If you've read any great N3 fic in the past year (technically, anything published between Jan. 23, 2009 and Jan 22, 2010), please, check out the lists of nominations and put in any that you consider deserving! (I've already done my part. *g*)

Especially consider nominating in the Het category. There are quite a lot of nominations for Gen and for Slash, usually, but Het tends to get short-changed, despite the number of possible pairings on this show. There are also categories for Graphics, Music Videos, and Websites/Communities.

Don't forget to read the Rules first, and remember that you need to include an email contact for the authors you are nominating, so they can be notified by the mods.