February 13th, 2010

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10 Things I Love About the Dresden Files

Btw, that's totally meant to be Amoracchius in my icon, there. :)

The Dresden Files are a series of urban fantasy--well, noir fantasy, really--written by Jim Butcher. I normally do not enjoy urban fantasy unless it is of the deeply strange variety (see Momo, Neverwhere, American Gods), but I am a sucker for rich, cross-genre stories. So Wizard Harry Dresden, Chicago PI and magic wielder, is right up my alley. Allow to me expand upon this below.

(A note: I just finished reading Small Favor and Turn Coat, in quick succession, so if I am jumbled about any detail please correct me. And since those are the latest books out, there may well be spoilers behind this cut. ETA, sort of: Yes, a few spoilers, one for a whole scene.)

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I can't wait for the next book, coming in April!