August 18th, 2010

hand of God

Random recs!

By which I mean, fic in several different fandoms and one vid. Enjoy! :)

Embodyment of Hope, by kerravonsen (Sandman/Narnia)
Aslan meets Despair of the Endless, and she is comforted.
Kat wrote this for the 2010 Finishathon, and it's short but truly wonderful. I can't tell you why, because it would spoil it, but if you know who Despair and Aslan are, you need to read this.

Everybody Goes to Rick's, by nwhepcat (Supernatural)
Sam has built the normal life he's always wanted. But to protect his family, he'll take a journey to a world he'd hoped to leave behind. This is a lovely, emotionally true, first-season AU. Well-written and well worth your time if you like such things, and more than worth your time if you like AUs with a disability attached.

Here For You (The Time And Again Remix), by jedibuttercup (Eureka)
When Tess Fontana made the last-minute decision to surprise her old roommate on her wedding day, she hadn't expected to end up playing a starring role in her own romantic drama. But sometimes the universe does things for strange reasons-- especially in a town called Eureka.
This is Jack/Tess, which is not really my pairing, but she nails everyone, and the deep weirdness that is Eureka, to work out an unusual romance and a great fix-it to one of the painful changes in season 3. Written for the Small Fandoms Big Bang.

Blood and Gold, by Zubeneschamali/ zubeneschamali (Numb3rs)
Don's team might be back together after Colby's return, but are they really all in the same place? As a new case threatens them in more ways than one, they have to work on trusting each other again and showing the rest of the FBI that they still have what it takes to bring in the bad guys and keep themselves safe from a variety of threats, some from the outside and some from within. An AU take on Season Four, featuring angst, action, and romance, roughly in that order.
This is very enjoyable, with angst and h/c and danger mixing well with character exploration worthy of the show itself. Even if you're not looking for a season 4 "fix-it" (I wasn't), it's still an awesome read.

S5 vid: Falling For The First Time, by glass_moment (Doctor Who)
Happy Team TARDIS season recap--spoilers for any who haven't seen it yet, but splendid fun for the rest of us. :)

And this last one is totally cheating. I'm sending you to a page full of Doctor Who, series 5, Eleven & Amy & Rory fics. Several of them were already on my list to rec, so I'm going to save us all some time and just send you over there:

Clocketpatch's ELEVEN FIC! rec list