September 28th, 2010


Fashion question

I'm going to an event with my boyfriend, and the dress code is "business wear." So not formal or cocktail, but I'm confused as to what that might include/exclude. Boyfriend says it means what you would wear if you worked in a fancy office, and he is wearing his lovely new suit.

I don't know what to wear. Or possibly purchase, since I may have nothing in that range at the moment. Thoughts?

ETA: I don't wear black (it makes me look undead), and I do not have any business skirts, blazers, or decent-looking blouses. I do have one dark brown version of the LBD (2, but the other is closer to cocktail wear) which might work, but I might have to do a run through Macy's tomorrow night or something. This is what happens when one is too poor to buy clothes for 2 years.