October 5th, 2010

hand of God

Vid recs

I have quite a few fics to rec, also, but will have to find the time later. Meanwhile, have some awesome vids I've enjoyed lately.


In Te Domine, by ash48
Castiel's journey, set to U2's "Gloria." Wonderful song choice, and as usual with this vidder, splendid choices and editing. SPOILERS up through "Swan Song."

drove through ghosts to get here, by devilsduplicity
Speaking of Castiel, here's a vid about Castiel and Dean. She's got it labeled as a pairing, but I see it as friendshippy gen. It's vivid and creative, using both black and white and color, and a kind of editing that I've never seen before, very powerful. SPOILERS up to "Dark Side of the Moon."

Children of Light, by Gentlesideoffury3
Music: "Music Box", by Thrice
The author says This is for all the forces of good on Supernatural including anyone who's been affected by demons or angels or who is a warrior in their own way and of course the Winchester family. It's well-edited, moving, and creepy. Spoilers through "Abandon All Hope..."

We Thought We Lost You, by DaylightDarknight
Team Free Will, as a family. Which is awesome, right there, but I'm reccing it because it made me cry.
Music: "Adventures in Solitude," The New Pornographers. (So perfect, oh, wow.)

Doctor Who

Must Have Done Something Right, by koloSigma1
Rory/Amy. I love this take on them. :) Spoilers for all of series 5.
Music: "Must Have Done Something Right," Reliant K