November 18th, 2011

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Review: Winter of Grace

Winter of Grace by Kate Constable

"At a peace rally, Bridie and Stella rescue a cute Christian boy. He introduces Bridie to a whole world she never knew existed. The girls' friendship has survived Stella changing schools, both girls being interested in the same boy, and so much more. But what will happen when Bridie's new interests and ideas collide with Stella's?"

Winter of Grace is the opposite of your typical post-Enlightenment story where someone brainwashed by religion comes to understand that the materiel world is the only reality, and is set free from superstition to live a "real" life. Bridie has grown up without spirituality, so when she encounters people for whom it is real, and discovers that there might be more to her world than she knew, it changes her entire life.

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lizbee, thank you for recommending this. I don't believe it's available outside of Australia (I ordered it directly), but it was worth the trouble to get.