October 7th, 2012

hand of God


Almighty God, source of all blessings, who in thy tender mercy hath given us more than we can either desire or pray for, help us so to graciously accept thy gifts daily with such gratitude that our hearts are truly opened with generosity to share our own gifts with others and belong more deeply to thee. All this we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ, thy most perfect gift of all. Amen.

Normally, I would read such a prayer as an exhortation to be more generous, or to work on cultivating gratitude for the things that I have.

This time, what leaped out at me was the plea, "help us so to graciously accept thy gifts daily."

Gratitude and generosity flow out of something else: the ability to receive and enjoy the good things God has for us. For most of you, that may not be a new revelation, but the idea that the foundation for giving is the ability to receive heartens me.