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Calling the UK from the US


I figure maybe someone on my flist would have a clearer idea about this, seeing as how some of you live outside my lovely United States.

I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to make telephone calls from the US (West Coast, where I live) to Edinburgh, Scotland, or the UK in general (where my good friend whitemartyr is currently living). Going through my computer (say, using Skype) is a no-go right now, because my sound card is defunct and I haven't managed to get that fixed yet. Also, I don't yet have internet at the house.

I see that there are calling cards; someone recommended Vonage to me (problem: I share the house phone line with 3 other people, and have no desire to complicate that with something like Vonage); I have no idea what would be the best price for the privilege of talking to my friend again.

All help or suggestions are welcome.
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