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A Writing Update

A writing update, in dialogue form because I'm really bored.

as i sit typing in my scriptwriting program, i realize that someone is standing right behind me.

just standing there. breathing.

Me: Dean, that is really distracting.

Dean: Yeah, I know.

Me: Do you want to come out of this story in one piece or not?

Dean: I want to make sure you get it right, that’s all.

i keep typing. he's clearly reading over my shoulder.

Dean: Oh, come on, you’re not really going to make me say that, are you?

Me: Dude, it's not half as cheesy as what I could make you say and still be within the bounds of canon. You just don’t want to.

Dean: Because I’m not that big a wuss. In canon.

a damp beer bottle raps against the back of my head.

Sam: Dean, leave her alone.

Me: (sotto voce) Thank you.

Dean: Dammit, Sammy, you don’t have to worry about this script. You’re not the one she’s--

Sam: (amused) I think you can deal.

Dean: (in my ear) I’ll be watching you.

they move away. someone sits quietly at the table next to me and waits for me to finish the sentence i'm working on.

Megan: Hey.

Me: You're a sight for sore eyes. Although, Larry would be better. Is he avoiding me?

Megan: (subdued) He's not feeling too social yet. And speaking of Larry . . .

Me: Yes?

Megan: Could you go easier on him this time around? It's not your fault, the position we're in, but I hate to see him so confused.

Me: You and me both. I'll try to make sure neither of you comes out of this fic worse off than you went into it. Okay?

Megan: Well, that's not saying much.

but she smiles at me before getting up to leave.
Tags: my fics, numb3rs, spec, supernatural, writing

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