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Finish-a-thon voting is open!

All right, everybody. The Finish-a-thon voting for this year is now open. Anyone can vote for me (and I think everybody else chose the same setting for voting, so feel free to roam about and vote for other people's stories as well). Here is part 1, containing my own poll, and then part 2.

To give you a taste of the stories you can choose from, here is a list of the ideas I submitted.

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Description: "Into This Haze of Green and Gold" J.M. Barrie once called death "an awfully big adventure." What might that look like to our beloved SG-1? This is one of those surreal, action-filled, metaphor-laden stories about the path into the afterlife.
Type: gen (AU, technically)
Rating: PG-13

Fandom: Numb3rs
Description: "An Integral Part of a Balanced Day" Dr. Larry Fleinhardt learned long ago that the mind, without variety and without the input of the human heart, begins to go in circles. So he makes sure to exchange conversation, concern--love--with the friends and family and others whose paths he crosses daily.
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Description: The CSI team are witches/wizards, part of a new branch of Magical Law Enforcement who are trained in dealing with magical trace elements, spell identification, etc. Now they've been assigned to investigate the scene of the battle in the department of Mysteries, to determine the exact charges against the captured Death Eaters, the culpability of any of the vigilantes who fought them, and to confirm or deny the presence of Sirius Black during the battle and his role in it. [Unfinished from last year's finish-a-thon; I have most of the backstory worked out, and several hundred words written. I'd like to get to 10,000 words or finish, whichever comes first.]
Type: gen, though I reserve the right to hint at 'ships. Avatar fic, of a sort.
Rating: PG

Fandom: The Sentinel (AU)
Description: "Which is Easier?" A police incident two years before robbed Jim of his mobility, and Blair of his life. In the midst of a life as paralyzed as his body, the Sentinel will be given one more chance to find healing. But with Blair not there to offer forgiveness, how can Jim forgive himself?
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Fandom: Numb3rs/The Sentinel
Description: "You Can Share Mine" Alan and Margaret Eppes made it a habit to take their 3-year-old son Don with them on peace marches. At one of them, the Eppes wind up marching next to Naomi Sandburg and little Blair. The boys hit it off, and Don offers to share his daddy with Blair, who doesn't have one. Then Alan gets arrested, and Blair uses his mighty 5-yr-old wisdom to comfort Don, who is terrified that he's not going to have a daddy either. Told from young Don's POV.
Type: gen
Rating: G

Fandom: Numb3rs/Doctor Who
Description: Physicist Larry Fleinhardt has always been fascinated by ideas about time travel. But a professional conference is the last place he expected to encounter a practical application . . . and before he knows it, he's caught up in an adventure that goes way beyond the theoretical.
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Fandom: Numb3rs
Description: An Alan-pov companion piece to "Statistical Ghosts" and "Phantom Intelligence." Charting Alan's reaction to a case that really upset both of his sons. An epilogue to the episode "In Plain Sight."
Type: gen
Rating: PG

Fandom: The Sentinel
Description: "Senseless" A case story, set about 3 years post-series. With Blair's Sentinel research carefully and legally buried, he and Jim are free live normal lives, working as a cop and as a consultant to the Cascade PD. But when a kidnapping case begins to smell of bio-terrorism (this is barely a year after 9/11) and a bright neurologist seeks out Blair's help, they may have to accept that nothing stays a secret forever. Nice high levels of h/c, angst, and sensory weirdness. (Same universe as "Scents of Celebration" and "Coming to Terms.") Currently at approximately 42,000 words; one-half to two-thirds of the story has been written--I'd like to try to finish it.
Type: gen
Rating: R (violence, language)

Fandom: CSI/Numb3rs
Description: "Working Girls" Set pre-series for both shows. About 20 years ago, Catherine Willows realized that life could and should be about more than dancing (no matter how good she looked and how much money she made on the pole). It really frustrated her that she couldn't seem to get that across to the couldn't-be-more-than-16 new dancer who'd just been hired at her club. Megan wasn't the in mood to listen to anybody's advice. . . .
Type: gen
Rating: PG-13 to R (language and adult themes)
Tags: finishathon, ideas, link, my fics, request, voting

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