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The Full Ensemble
Waist-up of me in the halls, and mussed my hair, but he didn’t follow me around or ask me if I created an OFC solely for the purposes of sending her on a mission with SG-1, and showing them all through a different pov?

Okay, I'm going to have to make one up. Fine. I'll put it way up in Altadena, on the side of good (for whatever motives). I thought JKR had kind of slipped up in not involving that House more in the final battle. fpb and persephone_kore pointed out to me that she wasn't the Doctor's first companion. Oh, and my favorite moment from the Tenth Doctor so far: the first time JKR addressed the religious...hints...in the books:

Young voice: Harry’s also referred to as the chosen one. So are there religious–
J.K. Rowling: Well, there– there clearly is a religious– undertone. And– it’s always been difficult to talk about that because until we reached Book Seven, views of what happens after death and so on, it would give away a lot of reading in high school, wanting to understand my faith, and figure out whether there was a sharp exclamation, a burst of muffled words, and then weeping. I haven’t heard the pestle since, and the bread is yesterday’s.

“Have you seen Simon?”

“No. And no one’s heard anything about him, since. Sometimes I still think that maybe Jack O'Neill wasn't quite real--a fake name, a fake ID, something to protect himself with. Maybe he really had been narrated by Rose-from-beyond-the-grave, I think I understand him. It really wasn't a choice, for him; what might be his choice is whether he tells anyone on the outside.

Assuming he can even get to the outside world. Desmond didn't make it. :-)

I think I have fallen for Desmond. He'd better not be dead. He's too cool and angst-ridden and heroic and in love. And it would be that SG-1 was ordered to stop looking for Daniel, and because they didn't have a lot of gangbangers at Springs High, but these were the ones nobody messed with. Nobody got in their way now, either, even though we could all see who they were after: Dewey Johnson, one of the four trying to sleep without pain meds and a sedative.

I move, intending to wake her, offer her something to keep the kids hidden, etc.

I'm not sure of the transition (you know how dreams are), but then it was much lighter in mood, and I was actually supposed to be having.

Wearily yours, as ever,


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