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Multi-fandom fic recs

I've been reading some lovely fic which I have yet to share with you all. It is now time. *firm nod*

Prodigal Son, by dodger_winslow

Once upon a time, actor Jeffery Dean Morgan appeared on two different shows within the year. Bad fanfic was spawned...and then dodger_winslow gave this crossover a shot, and produced something amazing. The story works despite the conceit that Denny Duquette (Grey's Anatomy) and John Winchester (Supernatural) are twins.

There is an emotional depth here--and a spiritual one, to boot--that makes me want to write a literary essay on this fic. It's really the first time I've ever considered doing that.

When the call came, it hit John like a sucker punch from the blue. "John," the voice on the other end of the line said when he answered. "This is Denny Duquette. Your brother’s dead. He had a heart transplant, and it didn’t take. His body’s at Seattle Grace Hospital in Washington. I want you to go pick it up, sign for it, and send it home for burial. You don’t need to come with it. In fact, I’d prefer it if you didn’t." And then Duquette hung up, the silence between them sounding like more than twenty years of lost opportunities that weren’t so much lost as simply given away to darkness.

(You should probably be vaguely familiar with the other fandom to really get the nuances of this crossover, but knowing just one of them is enough to read and enjoy it.)

Take A Long Line, by derry667

This fic took a while to get finished, but I didn't mind the wait. This is from the Numb3rs characters' POV, and Derry nails their voices and interaction. The Supernatural side of the plot, too, makes sense. The story draws out a reflection of brotherly devotion that has a dangerous edge but is, in the end, admirable.

Easy read for Numb3rs fans, even if you know nothing about SPN; and not that hard for SPN fans, if they take the POV characters as OCs.

Megan's "baby-faced killer" line really isn't so far off. The prisoner looks up, eyebrows raised and feigning attention, like he's just some high school kid who's been called up to the principal's office for some high-spirited prank. As masks go, it's a good one. Don doesn't bother with a verbal greeting. He takes his time sitting down at the desk and carefully placing the rather hefty case file in front of him. He opens it, making a brief show of shuffling through the papers on top (careful not to displace the photos immediately underneath). Then, looking up to meet the prisoner's eyes, he sees the smirk he was thoroughly expecting, but also a faint edge of curiosity that his opponent doesn't quite manage to hide.

Summer Holidays, by penknife

Now, this is more like it. An emotional, evocative post-Deathly Hallows fic, from Hermione's point of view.

It's very quiet in the seventh-year dorm. Few other people seem to have come upstairs yet, although she expects eventually they will. She's not sure anyone will have the nerve to come join Harry in here, but she's sure the other dorms and the Common Room will fill up with people sooner or later. The whole castle will fill up with people sleeping wherever they have come to rest. And then brambles will grow up around them. Hermione closes her eyes. She feels she could sleep for a hundred years.

Womack and the Hands of Blue, by Gil Hale

I'm reccing this mostly because I once tried writing a Firefly/The Sentinel crossover, back after we found out that Richard Burgi (Jim Ellison) played a baddie in one of the unaired Firefly episodes.

This is closer to cliche than I'm used to from Gil Hale, but it's an exciting, and well-imagined AU. Jim is still a Sentinel, and Blair a Guide, but they were born in the Firefly 'verse, and it's their home. Including the scary Blue Sun people.

At any rate, no one stopped Womack and his crew backing away, though the attack dog guy in the woolly hat kept his gun trained and looked as if he'd like to use it. There was a limit to how far Womack was prepared to back down.

"Hat makes you look like an idiot," he said, and damned if Rover didn't look hurt. He didn't have time to enjoy that, though. His ears were really crazy now and his own words crashed and echoed. In the silence that followed them he heard a girl's voice from somewhere way up above him. She spoke in a whisper that he could see no one else had heard.

Maybe the words weren't for him, Womack tried to tell himself. They sure as hell didn't make much sense. Maybe she was just whispering to someone up on the catwalk. But as he backed out of the airlock, he was unreasonably sure that she was talking direct to him—and that she knew he could hear a whisper across that distance. That bothered him more than the guns trained on him.

"Two by two, hands of blue," the girl said, her voice barely a breath, "You save Blair, he'll save you. Two by two, hands of blue..."

Mind Over Matter (House/X-Men), by npkedit

A sensible and amusing crossover starring Chase, with lovely voices all around, especially House himself:

"Well then, the good news for you is that you're already in a bed, and I'm pretty sure we have some Tylenol around," House told him. "And we're a full-service property—you get two-hour wake-up calls free of charge, and I'll even throw in an ice pack."

And then, before Chase could even think to argue, House turned to Cameron and Foreman and told them, "Move him to a regular room. Our beauty contestant has won a 24-hour stay at beautiful Princeton-Plainsboro with you two as chaperones to keep all those needy nurses from taking advantage. If, at the end of that time, he's passed all his neuro checks, kept the admittedly depressing cuisine here down, and managed another clean EEG, I might allow him out on the town."

Distorted Reflections, by lizardbeth_j and Lori Wright (the link goes to an Index of Chapters)

Summary: While searching for the Lost City, SG-1 is trapped on a strange and frightening alternate Earth. Fifteen years ago a plague decimated the Earth, killing the adults and leaving the children to fend for themselves. Now those children have grown up, and a war is brewing over who will control the future. Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c find that they must fight, risking everything, if they hope to find a way home.

I knew nothing about Jeremiah going into this fic, except that it's a post-apocalyptic world. I didn't need to know anything; the characters are richly drawn and well-handled, and because SG-1 is a stranger in this world, we learn quite as much as we need to know to be getting on with. POV switches between various characters native to that parallel universe (as it must be, in an SG-1 fic) and our team. The plotting and dialogue are deft and quick-moving, but full of engaging detail as well.

The story is finished, but chapters are being posted at the rate of about 2 per week, updates on Wednesdays. If you join the story's LJ community (distortd_ref), you can follow along with me. 23 chapters out of 43 have been posted so far.

I highly recommend.

If any of you want to keep track of the fic I'm reading, you might start watching my del.icio.us profile.
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