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An annoucement--and the finishathon


(i'm using the internets at the local coffee shop right now, because they have air conditioning and my house does not. and it is deathly hot right now.)

Voting for the Finish-a-thon has ended for this year. Results can be found here. As I predicted, this is the fic I'll be writing until October 25th (American time):

Fandom: Harry Potter/CSI
Description: The CSI team are witches/wizards, part of a new branch of Magical Law Enforcement who are trained in dealing with magical trace elements, spell identification, etc. Now they've been assigned to investigate the scene of the battle in the department of Mysteries, to determine the exact charges against the captured Death Eaters, the culpability of any of the vigilantes who fought them, and to confirm or deny the presence of Sirius Black during the battle and his role in it. [Unfinished from last year's finish-a-thon; I have most of the backstory worked out, and several hundred words written. I'd like to get to 10,000 words or finish, whichever comes first.]
Type: gen, though I reserve the right to hint at 'ships. Avatar fic, of a sort.
Rating: PG

I failed to finish this last year, partly because I was writing a spec script and working on three other ficathons during that period. I really want to nail it this time, and since my brain is still full of Deathly Hallows, that might not be too hard. :-)
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