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This is an utterly self-indulgent post.

There is something deeply pleasing about receiving an unexpected review on a story one posted so long ago that one tends to forget it's even on one's profile. I never really expected to get any reviews for Let Me Down, which is a piece of deep-pov angst set during a pivotal scene in the Touching Evil episode "Grief." Small fandom (it's for the American version starring Jeffery Donovan), recurring character, very episode-referential.

But I got one this weekend. It's scary how happy this makes me.

For a long time, "Flying Lessons" was at the top in both.

It has now been surpassed in hits by "Superheroes" (1300, as of today), "Sua Sponte" (1041), and "Phantom Intelligence" (1032). It's still ahead on reviews, by one--20, as opposed to the 19 for "Superheroes" and the 17 for "Sua Sponte."


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