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An actual writing update

*sigh* Well, I didn't get a ton of writing done in August, did I? Bah.

Haven't had a chance to start re-writing my CSI spec, although after 3 months' break from it, it's starting to have some appeal again. I like procedurals, they just get brain-numbing after too long.

I was hoping to have my Supernatural spec first draft finished by now, for comments by my writer's group at the end of the month. Ha. I have a decent outline, but only the first page of the teaser written. Why can't I ever seem to meet writing goals?! *whimper*

That Megan-pov, post-"The Janus List" Nubm3rs fic I've been working on has finally gone to beta. We'll see if I can manage to tweak and post it before the new season begins the last Friday of September!

Other fics have been mostly put on hold. I'm pondering my Finishathon story (HP/CSI), but have not yet gone back to rework the outline.

And I recently pulled out a Numb3rs/The Sentinel crossover I worked on much of last year, and wrote a new scene for it. I would very much like to finish that one someday soon; it's fun, exciting, and I like my backstory for it. Also, it takes place in the same universe as "Scents of Celebration" and "Coming To Terms," which means it'll please people who have asked me for more TS stories set in that particular future-verse.
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