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Reccing some CSI fic (lab rat centric) by an outstanding author

I know there are fans of the CSI lab rats on my flist (especially if one still sort of counts Greg, as being a former tech who still has ties to the rest of them), and this author has written some excellent fic featuring the techs. She specializes in angst, fluff, and alternate points of view.

Her name is korbjaeger, and she posts at CSI Forensics: From Out of the Lab.

I'll try to list these in chronological order of where they would fall within the show. korbjaeger is generally very canon-compliant (though naturally she has to build some fanon when dealing with peripheral characters), but her older Greg-centric stuff may not be quite bang on since we got more backstory on him in "Fannysmackin'."

Red Sky at Morning
The events of "Play With Fire", as seen from Jacqui Franco's POV

An excellent, somewhat "outsider" pov on the lab during and after the explosion. (Jacqui, in case you don't recall, is the woman who handles Fingerprints.)

Trilogy In Fire
Post-"Play With Fire" - Like Spanish steel, Greg has been through the fire...but there's still the "hammering out" process before strength comes.

And this is Greg's POV after his lab blows up. Detailed, angsty, and very truly Greg.

Password: Margaritaville
Ecklie decides a lab blog will improve productivity by enhancing communication. It may be his best idea ever...or his worst. Meanwhile, a high-profile case demands the most and the best out of the "lab rats" (Fluff alert: This is a paean to the lab techs...)

A good introduction to how the author likes to write our lab rats, even though it's set later in the show than some of her other fics. It *is* fluffy, despite some angst and work-related frustration, but it's a neat overview of how the lab works together, lab and field workers alike.

Running On Empty
The events of "Grave Danger", as seen from Archie Johnson's POV.

This is one of my favorite CSI fics of all time. Archie had the fun duty of watching Nick on the video feed for hours and hours as he tried to pinpoint the location. This fic expands to show us what that experience was like for Archie and the rest of the lab, watching and waiting and seeing each other start to fracture under the stress. Excellently written and highly recommended.

One of Us
"Missing scene", late "Fannysmackin'" (spoiler alert) - the Lab Rats rally around Greg, who is still "part of the family."

I needed to read this, after watching that awesome and agonizing episode.

Requiescat in Pace
The fallout from Michael Keppler's death forces some in the crime lab to ask not only for answers, but for the right questions to ask.

For anyone who was torn by Keppler's arc and his effect on our CSI people, go and read this. The aftermath, handled with insight and deep emotion.

[ETA: all of korbjaeger's stories are either gen or canon-derived het, and it's generally clear from the summaries...except for her "Altar" series, which I just quit reading as I arrived at the slash pairing. Heh.]
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