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Quick couple of notes on the House M.D. premiere

Well, so as not to spoil anyone who has not had a chance to watch yet....

Huh. I knew the ducklings would be gone in this episode, having left, resigned, or been fired in the finale last year, and yet.... I hardly missed them. In fact, I am now convinced that as long as the show brings the Wilson-House-Cuddy awesomeness, I will be watching it.

The case in this episode was interesting, and pretty heart-wrenching, too; but it was the subplot with the kidnapped guitar and Wilson's hapless scheming that stole the show and made it work. The moment when House outsmarted him with the fake page and then threatens to delete all the shows off Wilson's TiVo had me laughing like crazy--second only to the scene where Wilson is describing how the sound of a slowing tightening guitar string is like a scream (and then IMITATING the sound!). I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard.

<3 Wilson.

Great start to the season, House. Keep it up!

Dude, why do I not have any House icons? Must remedy that.

Still haven't watched Journeyman...and people are starting to receive their pre-ordered Numb3rs season 3 DVDs, so I may have that waiting for me when I get home tonight. Argh. It never rains TV goodness but it pours. (I have the first Prime Suspect series from Netflix right now, too. *headdesk*)
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