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A couple of notes on Journeyman

Well, I was really hoping this would be awesome and my new show this year, because it looked kind of cool.

I did really enjoy the lead actor--he's gorgeous in a way I don't usually go for, bright blue eyes, hair so blond it's almost white. And when they just focused on him, and his experience of randomly falling around in time, I liked it.

In fact, that was the best thing about this otherwise quite mediocre pilot: they allowed there to be stretches with no dialogue, where you figured things out by watching what Dan did rather than hearing people talk about it. This made for some lovely sequences, and got rid of that most annoying pilot issue: exposition overkill.

The problem is that they took it a little too far. Dan's a reporter; we weren't told that till pretty far in, and not in a way that let us really grasp what that meant to the character. I could have used a couple more details about his time traveling, like how many times this has happened to him. And the climactic scene where he proves to his wife that he traveled back in time by unburying the toolbox with her ring and a newspaper inside, was just not quite bang on.

I shall give it one more episode, and maybe a couple after that if it clears up a bit and convinces me that it's going to be interesting. Otherwise, I'll just go re-watch Quantum Leap and read The Time Traveler's Wife for the third time.
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