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Stories/projects I am currently working on

Well, I post these fairly regularly, and seeing several people doing it as a meme has prompted me to do it again. :-)

These are listed in the order that I'm currently prioritizing them:

CSI spec: "Bluebeard" (working title)
This is the spec that my writer's group thinks is totally awesome, and which is currently in the state of being restructured (mostly the second half) and rewritten. I'm kind of hoping that it might be good enough to get me the Disney Writer's Fellowship next year.

"Second Sight"
My murder mystery set at a fan convention! The plot needs reworking, so what I'm doing is outlining the sucker *again* to see if I can get it to work this time. Then I start writing properly--I've only got 10 pages so far.

Supernatural spec: "Petrified" (working title)
I just got notes and need to do some plot tweaking. The actual script is on the back burner while I do that, and while I finish the CSI spec rewrite.

Second Sight: "Pilot"
My writer's group also likes this project, which is an original series pilot. It's a crime drama/procedural with paranormal elements--I've called it "paranormal CSI," and also described it as "The Dead Zone meets CSI." Basically, I'm working on the concept itself, to nail everything down and see if any of the notes I was given will incorporate well. I might still want to bounce stuff off you, feliciakw, if that's okay.

Other spec ideas/outlines
I've also decided that I might as well start coming up with more spec ideas for other shows. Not to write just yet, but to have around and maybe fleshed into outlines for when I need another script to do. Good shows to spec are House, Bones (which means I'm going to be watching some, all you fen on my flist), and Numb3rs. Ghost Whisperer was also suggested to me, because of its high ratings and supernatural componenet, but I can't stand that show.

These are also listed in at least an attempted order of priority:

CSI/HP: What Is Truth? (working title)
My Finish-a-thon story for this year! I have been very bad, not working on it at all (I blame my specs and Day Has Gone Down), but that's changing as of yesterday. *firm nod* I'm going to get this one done!

No, really.

CSI: The Other Side of Fear
Warrick and Nick during the last couple minutes of "Dead Doll." "Is this what it was like when I was missing?" Probably just a couple hundred words.

Numb3rs: Reflections (working title)
"Trust Metric" spawned a scary number of plot tribbles. This is the one I most want to write: Megan visiting Colby in the hospital (Colby's pov), and both of them giving each other hope.

Numb3rs/The Sentinel: Fidum Fraterne (which is very bad Latin, and so, working title)
I've been working on this crossover for more than a year now. Future!fic for TS (same universe as "Scents of Celebration" and "Coming to Terms"), AU from the end of second season for Numb3rs. A TS baddie shows up in Los Angeles, and Jim and Blair end up helping Don's team try to catch him.

The Sentinel: Senseless (working title)
Novel-length case story, 2 years after TSbyBS. I have 42,000 words already; I need to finish it sometime! H/c, angst, plot, and much sensory awesomeness. (Also set in my TS future timeline.)

All those little ficlets I promised y'all--those I'm working on in the cracks between the rest of my stuff.

The Sentinel: Which Is Easier?
That death-fic I keep putting into the Finish-a-thon, which nobody ever votes for. I've told feliciakw that I'll try to finish the revised rough draft by the end of the year--it's been in the works for (good lord) something like 4 1/2 years now. And it still grips me when I go back to it.

These are in no order at all! Heheheheh.

Numb3rs: Variables of the Heart
A series of missing scenes for "Trust Metric." Charlie has to talk to people in Colby's life to get enough data to run his trust metric. That's several really awkward conversations, and it's not helping Charlie's own emotional state at all.

Numb3rs: And Still Owing
Yet more "Trust Metric" fic! *g* In Afghanistan, Dwayne Carter pulling Colby Granger out of flaming wreckage. When Dwayne asked Colby for FBI secrets, Colby lied to him, pretended to go along with it, feeding Dwayne's contacts false information and keeping tabs on Dwayne in hopes of being led to leaks higher up. Having discovered all that, Dwayne saved Colby's life *again*. How do you repay something like that--especially when the man you owe is dead? Colby attends Dwayne's funeral and encounters Dwayne's ex-wife and young son.

Numb3rs/CSI: Working Girls
Set pre-series for both shows. About 20 years ago, Catherine Willows realized that life could and should be about more than dancing (no matter how good she looked and how much money she made on the pole). It really frustrated her that she couldn't seem to get that across to the couldn't-be-more-than-16 new dancer who'd just been hired at her club. Megan wasn't the in mood to listen to anybody's advice. . . .

Numb3rs/Doctor Who: (untitled as yet)
Physicist Larry Fleinhardt has always been fascinated by ideas about time travel. But a professional conference is the last place he expected to encounter a practical application . . . and before he knows it, he's caught up in an adventure that goes way beyond the theoretical.

Several people keep bugging me to write this! :-)

Stargate SG-1: Not The Doctor (working title)
Jack O'Neill and a wounded Dr. Janet Fraiser end up stranded together on an alien planet. Angst and snark and h/c ensue.

Numb3rs: ghost!Larry (working title, as if you all couldn't tell)
Something that mistraltoes and I are working on together. :-) (p.s., Mistral, I'm going to send you an email sometime soon about where we might place this fic in canon, now that we have our confirmed Megan/Larry this season.)

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