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Supernatural season 3 premiere

I'm tired, and really really wishing this work-week would end so I can go home and lay on the couch and watch CSI and Numb3rs (MY SEASON 3 DVDs CAME THIS WEEK).

So this may be relatively short. :-)

"The Magnificent Seven"

At least, a weaker episode than I know full well this show is capable of.

Main gripes:

--The idea of demons who correspond to the seven deadly sins could have been far more interesting than it was.
--I generally am interested in learning more about the hunter "sub-culture," so to speak, but I was not engaged by Tamara or Isaac, and I was peeved at Blond Hunter Girl's help-and-vanish routine. There's genre conventions...and then there's cliche. Guess which one I shelve this under. (Although Dean almost redeemed it for me with his "Who *was* that masked chick?" joke.)
--Uh...how did Tamara and Isaac know who was there when the hell gate was opened? Is there really a huge hunter network, and how much of the information they have is accurate? (Mind, this could be handled awesomely this season if they so choose: the idea of misinformation leading to major trouble for the boys holds a lot of appeal for me.)

Things I enjoyed:

--There were several random brotherly moments that made me grin, including Sam banging on Dean's car window and shoving the seat forward so he could climb in. And Sam walking in on Dean + his girl(s?).
--It makes a lot of sense to me that Dean would be reacting the way that he is: both wanting to enjoy his last year, and not caring that much about surviving, since he's doomed already. And I'm glad we got to see the boys argue about this. Dean: "It's like I see a light at the end of the tunnel." Sam: "That's hellfire, Dean."
--And I think everyone in the fandom called 1) Sam researching ways to break Dean's deal, and 2) Dean telling him to back the hell off. You do realize he's just gonna do it when you're not around, right, Dean?
--The reveal of the bar being patronized only by possessed bodies was fairly chilling, as was Issac's death.
--Also, not really episode-specific, but I have a weird love for how this show handles exorcisms. The demons put on a good game face, but in the end, if they can't get away, there's nothing they can do about getting sent back to hell. It's extremely satisfying.

I was going to have a bit where I talked about the different sins, and compared the fates of the fleshly ones (gluttony, lust, sloth) with the sins of the mind and ego (avarice, envy, wrath, pride). I mean, it's nice to put one's reading of Dante to use every now and then. But I'm too brain-dead at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.
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