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Very quick: CSI & Numb3rs

I'm exhausted. Even after a two-hour nap post-work. Headed to bed, but wanted to squee for a moment.

CSI this week ("A La Cart")--strong return to form, with an unusual amount of character interaction.

I <3 Grissom, Greg, and Nick being geeky together.

Anyone else think Greg might be telling the truth when he implies to Nick that he knew that Sara and Grissom were a couple? I had this thought from Greg's non-reaction during the finale last season.

Cheesy ending, but I loved it. Team outing! :-)

Weird lighting effects to show what was going on during the flashbacks in the totally dark restaurant. I didn't like it.

My Sara/Grissom soul is happy. For now. Interesting choice of song to end the ep; wish I knew what it was.

TVGuide.com now has a Numb3rs Show Blog (a recap)! Finally, it's a popular enough show. Good insights from the blogger this week about the episode's theme (continued from last week): identity.

I'm gonna write a proper review later. For now:

Colby is love.

Megan is awesome.

*hugs Charlie and Larry to bits*

Liz can, uh, go somewhere far away, really.

And the writers of this show? Consistently live up to my expectations. In the best ways possible. *fangirls them* After the unusual season opener, this was a strong, character-heavy, plot-driven episode. Bodes well for the season to come!

"Food for thought."
"Bon apetit." HEE!
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