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Quick TV notes

Wow, I'm as behind on blogging as I was on watching TV here at the start of the new season. These will mostly be very quick notes (with one or two exceptions).

I am two episodes behind on Heroes. Nobody spoil me.

House, M.D. continues to be an enjoyable, well-written show. It really didn't hurt that Carmen Argenziano (whom some of you probably know as Jacob Carter) had a guest-starring role the past 2 weeks. I wish he could stick around for a few more episodes. *resolves to watch some of this actor's other roles*

Chuck is the show I didn't hear much about, figured I would not like, and watched only because I like to give new pilots a try. It's a crazy blend of geek humor and spy action: Alias meets Beauty and the Geek. No, really. And I sort of love it. (The fact that it costars Adam Baldwin, aka Jayne, doesn't hurt.)

Supernatural gets more than just a few notes this week, for the episode
"The Kids Are All Right"

Dean, the ladies' man, who apparently enjoys one-night stands and single weekends--finally has a paternity "scare." What I love about this is how quiet a reminder it is of Dean's less-than-one-year time frame. He's finally taking a look back and wanting to revisit a happy time from the past...and truly? I think he's disappointed that Ben isn't his son.

(In fact, in my personal canon of the show, Lisa lied through her teeth, and Ben *is* Dean's. So there. I thought Ben was awesome, and Dean's interaction with him was really neat.)

Fantastic throw-away moment: when the Random Mom (victim) wakes up from her nap, the book open next to her is Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian. Which is a clever novel about scholars hunting Dracula across Europe, and in which one of the female protagonists is bitten on the neck. Which is exactly what Random Mom discovers has happened to her two scene further on in the episode (albeit a changeling chomp rather than a vampire bite). *dies of the brilliance of this show*

Ruby is a full-on Mary-Sue type...except that she's possessed, and for some reason I don't mind the traits when they're clearly part of a totally evil being. And I did not see that twist coming, either. Sam, don't listen to her! DEMONS LIE, Sam! Sam!!!

I have just seen the end of Doctor Who series 3: "The Sound of Drums" (brilliant!) and "The Last of the Time Lords." I may post about them later--for now, just let me say that aside from a few really odd moments, I enjoyed them a lot. Not as much as "Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways," but I can't help how much I adore those, so that's bias. And now I really, really want to go back and watch the Master in his other incarnations. He's so evil! Really evil, not just faking it, or alien. He's a sadist and a power-hungry mad-man who knows it and doesn't care. *shudder*
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