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Rant at the current state of my work responsibilties

Okay. I am basically the slave of my department. Which is fine, since my coworkers do not load me with unnecessary tasks, and I generally am free to pursue whatever seems to be the most urgent, at my own discretion.

But lately there has just been too much. Of everything. Of files to enter into the database. Of folders to file in the file rooms (which look like disaster areas because they're so backed up). Of invoices to sort, and copy, and match, and staple, and clip, and stuff into folder which might be any one of 6 or more places on this floor of the building.

I am behind. So far behind that I am beginning to despair of ever catching up. And since I am support staff, that's a bit of a problem.

Also, bad hormonal time right now. So I am stressed, depressed, and frustrated with work and with my own inability to get it all done.


*bonds with Jack over bad days at work*
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