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A couple of links re: the WGA strike

Everyone who is concerned about the Writer's Guild of America strike, please go read ladybrick's fine article (with useful links!) on her blog :

Regarding the WGA Strike

This is, in a nutshell, why I am supporting the strike--both morally, and hopefully in person once I figure out a way to join the picket lines without killing my real paycheck and annoying my non-production (I do accounting stuff right now) employers.

(Aside from the support factor, who would pass up a chance to stand in solidarity with Jane Espenson, Zach Braff, Carol Mendhelson, etc? And by "with," I mean "in conversational distance of." How cool is that? *g*)

Fans, especially non-local ones, please take note of this site in particular: Fans4Writers. There are things you can do to support the writers, too.
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