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I just watched the latest episode of CSI

That would be "Goodbye and Good Luck."

I knew this was going to be Jorja Fox's last episode with the show; that it would, somehow and presumably, be Sara's last time in the Vegas lab. We've seen hints in the past couple of stories that she isn't unscathed by the ordeal she went through at the start of the season (who could expect her to be?). We've also seen her so happy with Gil, making him so happy--trying so hard? And Ronni, the new gal on swing, who has been such an echo of Sara's own early idealism.

This was a good, solid case, bringing back the mind-gaming young prodigy from a couple of seasons ago. Sara didn't need her head messed with...but in the end, that wasn't what tipped the balance, wasn't what drove her to leave. Not Hannah's mind games, but Hannah's desperate pain. Hannah's ghosts, and Sara's own.

I was afraid that however the writers managed Sara's departure, I wouldn't buy it.

This, I understand. In terms of Sara's arc and of her character, it makes complete sense.

Hence my weeping through the last few minutes of the show, and not being able to stop afterwards. I'm really going to miss Sara. Out of all the characters on this show, I think I had the most in common with her (well, and maybe Gil).

Maybe that's why this hit me so hard. Or maybe that's just the genius of these writers and this actor.

Sara, we'll miss you.
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