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Hello, friendslist!

I spent Thanksgiving Day here in L.A., with friends (including ladybrick yay!)--eating and drinking and ignoring (for my part) the football-watching going on at the other end of the room, and acting like the geek I am (well, pretty much everyone there was a geek of some variety, so I was in good company).

Then I spent 8 1/2 hours on Friday, driving north to Redding. There, I hung out with all of my immediate family, which was great fun and included a late-night Starbucks run with my two eldest brothers (whom I am sorely tempted to start calling Sam and Dean--I knew there was a reason I latched onto those two so quickly *facepalm*). Also, several of my cousins and their spouses, and my maternal grandfather, and my mom's siblings. Kind of a mini family reunion.

I got a migraine right in the middle of it all, and had to beg my host (my cousin's awesome wife) for a quiet room for a few hours. Meh. What horrible timing.

Sunday was an early start, and 10 hours in the car on the return trip. This was lightened considerably by a couple of phone conversations, and by a lovely audio book: Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I had never actually read before. Creepy, and I am quite fond of the two main characters.

So I am now at home. I should be at work, but I woke up with the beginnings of a cold, and am taking advantage of that fact to take the morning slowly. I'll probably make myself get to work a little after noon, but right now I'm just wishing I could imitate our cats and sleep in the sun for a while.

ETA: ow. I ate a lot of beef jerky and dried fruit while driving, both to keep me awake and because it's easy to handle and non-messy. I must have chewed something wrong, because my jaw hurts when I eat now! Not the teeth or bone, but the joint. Never had that happen before! lol.

I'm not sorry I got to see my family. But I doubt you'll catch me ever doing something like this over the Thanksgiving long weekend again. Bah. I could have done so much, and instead I was stuck in car for two days. Oh well.
Tags: family, gratitude, los angeles, migraines, real life

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