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Respect = Love

Okay, the incomparable dodger_winslow has come up with a very creative approach to something she, and I, and many other fans, have become increasingly aware of and troubled by: the lack of respect that is often shown in fandom to both the actors and to other fen.

Her response, specifically targeted to the Supernatural fandom (but quite applicable to all) can be seen in the icon on this post.

Her thoughts on the subject, and on this project of promoting respect within fandom, can be found on her journal, here. Please, go and read it.

Feel free to snag and use this icon, with or without credit to dodger_winslow. DON'T use it to start wank, or associate it with any one specific issue, please. DO use it to show your support of the actors, and your desire to respect them (and others in fandom) as the real people that they are.
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