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Polling the Friendslist: Christmas, and Posting, and Gift Giving

For those whom I know in RL, or have known for a while in fandom: I am a very bad gift-giver. Not because I don't put thought into my gifts, but because I put way, way too much thought in. I can't stand buying gifts if I don't know that the person will LOVE said gift. (My love languages are quality time and words, anyway, so... gifts don't generally rate unless they're a sign that someone knows me well. You all probably know me better than I think you do. *g*)

So if I don't get you something, it's not that I don't like you or care about you. It's probably either lack of funds or that I just couldn't find the right token of my appreciation.

Anyway, a poll for you all!

Poll #1104432 What should I post for the friendslist this holiday season?

Would any of these options interest you?

Commentary on my Numb3rs fic Day Has Gone Down (requested by mistraltoes back in Sept.)
Christmas midrash story
A personal post about how attached I am to Christmas
My first finished story: a religous Christmas short involving timetravel (I was 9)
A series of drabbles for you all (strictly limited to word length)
Random posts as usual
No posts at all, because I'm so boring. *g*
Commentary on another fic of mine
Finish compiling that faith-in-fan-fic rec list of DOOM
Ticky boxes! More of them!

All of those ideas suck. Here's my awesome suggestion:

I consider Christmas important enough to rate special posts and a poll. Your response?

Um, why?
You are such a Who. Sheesh.
"It was said that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge."
Bah. Humbug.

Tell me your favorite Christmas-related film or story:

Tell me what you want most for Christmas/your holiday. I may not buy it for you, but hey, you never know. *g*

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