izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

A couple of questions for you guys to advise me on

Okay. I'm putting together my "2007 Fic Year in Review" post right now. (not to be posted till later, of course.) And I've run into an interesting, new dilemma.

I speak of the deathfics written according to flist prompts, which I wrote back in January. Some of them are kind of snippety, but some of them (like the Fred-Illyria one) are quite neat, and I had fun writing them. But I haven't posted them anywhere else as proper fics.

Should I? Which ones? Would anyone like to volunteer to beta a couple of them? (They're all short.)

Or should I just link straight to the comments holding the original versions, when I list all my 2007 fic in the Fic Review post?
Tags: flist, link, lj, my fics, request, writing

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